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Eleven good reasons


At CIT you will be studying in an international and multicultural environment. The high proportion of international students will not only provide you with the opportunity to get to know people from around the world, but other cultures and traditions too. CIT is also one of the few universities in Germany which teaches entirely in English - the lingua franca of science, economics and politics

Dedication to excellence


CIT is oriented towards top international universities as MIT, Stanford or Berkeley in the United States or Oxford and Cambridge in Europe to guarantee the greatest possible benefit to its students through a high quality course of studies.

Innovative culture

Innovation and development are two of the central concepts at CIT. Internships and practical projects conducted with our partner companies sensitize students to these concepts of the CIT innovative culture.

Implementation competence

It’s not usually ideas that are lacking, but the ability to implement them. The route from invention to innovation contains many risks and barriers. By providing commercial and legal knowledge, students are given the tools to cope with these risks and barriers and to turn ideas into marketable products and services - be that as a project manager in a multinational company or an entrepreneur.

Soft Skills

Whether you decide to follow a career in science or commerce on completion of your studies, you will usually find yourself part of an international team. Soft skills development at CIT prepares you for the world of work and how to manage international projects in a multicultural environment.

Career prospects


Through the combination of a broad spectrum of specialist knowledge, entrepreneurship and soft skills, the courses at CIT optimally prepare students for a career in large companies or the route to independence, thereby providing outstanding career prospects.

Scholarship program


CIT has set itself the objective of offering every qualified applicant a place, irrespective of their financial background. To this end, CIT and its partners have set up a scholarship program for which every interested student can apply as part of the general application process.

Small courses


If you want to study short courses in a pleasant environment, CIT is the place for you. Lectures with a maximum of 30 students guarantee you optimal learning conditions; seminar groups are even smaller.

Individual support

Anyone who not only wants to be one among many and wants to directly incorporate their ideas and questions has chosen the right place in CIT. Thanks to the manageable group sizes, CIT provides you with a direct line to your lecturers.
Before, during or after the lecture, CIT is all ears!

Students even receive support outside of lectures. CIT helps its students with many different matters, including formal questions, help to find accommodation or with a business idea.



E-learning provides diverse benefits and enables students to adapt the learning process to their individual needs. This is why e-learning is an integral part of the CIT courses. Click here for further information.


Situated at the heart of Europe, Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany and offers everything a student could wish for. A very well developed infrastructure with two nearby airports and an extensive public transport system provide quick access to local and long-distance destinations.

Cologne is also popular among students as a party city. Affordable restaurants, bars and clubs make the Cologne nightlife one of the best and most varied in Germany. And during the “fifth season” in particular, Cologne becomes the carnival capital and an absolute must.

Click here for further information on Cologne and its emblem, the Cologne cathedral, which also features in the CIT logo.