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All successful applicants granted admission and all CIT students are automatically considered for the means-tested scholarship program.

The means-tested scholarship involves either a partial or full scholarship which covers between 50% and 100% of the fixed costs at CIT (see “CIT costs”) and is granted according to previous earnings. A means-tested scholarship is awarded on an annual basis and it is not possible to explicitly apply for such a scholarship.

Financial support

Every CIT applicant is admitted entirely based on their current academic achievement and their test results. Their financial background is not taken into consideration during this process.

CIT tries to provide every admitted applicant with a place on a course, even if they would not be able to support themselves financially. Each applicant is therefore able to apply for financial support during the application process (don’t forget: an application for financial help has no bearing on your possible admission). Whether and what level of financial support is granted depends on the income and financial background of the applicant’s parents and the applicant themselves.

Every applicant will be advised of the level of financial support they are to receive when they are sent their notification of admission. As is the case with the means-tested scholarship, the financial support will cover part of the CIT fixed costs (CIT costs).