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The application process

Applicants for the autumn semester 2013 must ensure they meet the submission deadline for the necessary application documents and test results. Click here for information on the submission deadlines.

Tests should be planned in advance to allow us to receive all test results in time.

As the diagram illustrates, the CIT application process consists of five stages. Applications are submitted online using the application portal.

1. Checking the admission requirements

If you are in possession of a domestic or foreign higher education entrance qualification, you fulfill the formal admission requirements. You should also have a strong interest in technology as this is an elementary requirement for the successful completion of your technical course of study.

2. Submitting the necessary application documents

You can upload the necessary documents to our application portal. These must include:

    • school leaver’s certificate
    • tabular curriculum vitae
    • personal statement (further information)
    • letter of recommendation (optional)

Uploading the completed document entitled “Application for a scholarship at CIT ” automatically registers you for the scholarship application process.

3. Tests

For us to consider your application, you must complete an academic aptitude test and as a non-native speaker, a test to confirm you have sufficient knowledge of English.

Academic aptitude test:

    • Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT; Code Number: 6802) or American College Test (ACT; Code Number: 6862 )

Language test:

    • TOEFL test (paper-based - minimum number of points: 575, or internet-based: 90)
    • Equivalent language test

The results of these tests must be submitted by 31/07/2013. The tests should be planned in good time to ensure you meet this deadline.

4. Application interview

If your application documents and test results have been submitted by the deadline, you will be invited for an interview.

The application interview will be carried out in person, by phone or by Skype, depending on the circumstances.

5. Admission

At the end of a correctly completed application process, you will receive a notification of admission and will be entitled to study at CIT. You will find out if your application has been successful or not approximately two weeks after your interview.

Click here to find out what happens following admission.

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