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Health Insurance

General information

In Germany, you must have health insurance. All students in Germany must be insured by a state or private insurance scheme. You are only permitted to enroll at a German university if you have a valid insurance certificate.

If you decide to opt for private health insurance rather than a state scheme, you must be exempted from the state insurance scheme. Please note that if you decide to take this route, it will not be possible to switch back to the state health insurance scheme.

Germany has reciprocal national insurance agreements with some countries according to which the state insurance scheme from your country is recognized in Germany. Please contact your health fund in your home country for more specific details and to find out whether your country is covered.

Health insurance certificate and visa application

Students who require a visa must submit a health insurance certificate with their visa application. For further information, please contact the German embassy in your home country.

The Deutsche Studentenwerk website contains further information.