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Bachelor courses

The Cologne Institute of Technology in Germany currently offers three different courses at bachelor level. All of the courses are taught entirely in English:

Electrical Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

The CIT courses are innovative and diverse, and combine specialist expertise with practical knowledge. Students are also taught soft skills and entrepreneurship in small courses with a maximum of 30 individuals in addition to the specialist core subjects. This unique combination of science and economics prepares students for employment in the research and development departments of global companies in an international environment.

Course objectives

The course objectives are based on the skills, qualities and values the students are intended to acquire and internalize during their period of study at CIT. They are divided into professional and social objectives:

Professional objectives:

        Technical expertise

    • Very good, initially industry- and application-independent technical and methodological skills
    • Ability to work in a scientific manner
    • High level of transferable skills and an applied approach

         Commercial expertise

    • Strategic and market-oriented thinking
    • Process orientation: ability to develop a product from the initial idea to its launch and production support
    • Innovation and technology management

 Social objectives:

    • Ability to work in international and multicultural environments
      • Linguistic competence
      • Team and project work
      • Team and project management
    • Sense of responsibility and social commitment

The typical CIT graduate is a particularly professional and capable employee in the R&D department of a company, who in addition to their high technical and commercial knowledge, also has pronounced social skills.

Such a student is a driving force of innovation.