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In the field of e-learning CIT works together with Pearson Education, the educational division of the Pearson Publishing group. Pearson is the world’s leading educational company, not least thanks to over a century of experience - the company was founded back in 1844. The publishing group includes, among others, Addison-Wesley and Prentice Hall, both highly renowned publishing houses in the fields of science and education.

Pearson E-Learning – Always Learning

Pearson was one of the first publishers that recognized the opportunities of the digital world and the Web 2.0 for the higher education sector. Thus Pearson is not only the world’s leading education company but also leading in the area of online- and multimedia teaching in the higher education sector.

MyLab and Mastering

CIT uses the Pearson MyLab and Mastering software. These programs are multimedia online courses based on textbooks published by the Pearson Publishing group. In addition to the texts, the online courses also include all the exercises and tasks from the test books.

The learner receives direct feedback and has access to the course material anytime, anywhere - provided they have Internet access.

Teaching staff not only have access to countless test exercises and possible lecture structures, they also have a constant overview of the students’ learning progress. This avoids any nasty shock on the day of the examination - something naturally in the best interests of both the lecturers and the students.

Find out more about MyLab and Mastering here and here.