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The Cologne Institute of Technology is an English-language, international, elite technical college for highly talented individuals in Germany. It represents competence, internationalism, and progress. It links the highest technological and commercial challenges with responsible thought and action. We aspire to a culture of mutual respect, international exchange, and social commitment. The CIT is a microcosm of European culture, American pioneering spirit, and Asian work ethic and aims to increase the attractiveness of Germany as an educational location in international comparison, as well as to contribute to the international reputation of the university town of Cologne.

At the CIT, science meets economy, researchers meet businessmen, and students meet experts. Mutual support and intensive cooperation guarantee the competitiveness of the CIT and its students.


In light of the oft-cited shortage of skilled labour in Germany, the CIT makes its contribution at the university level to live up to German claims to be one of the strongest and most important national economies in the world. The land of poets and thinkers has no lack of ideas, but only of the ability to put things into practice. The path from an invention to a marketable innovation still represents a big hurdle in the German economy. The triad of CIT Education, CIT Research, and CIT Enterprise is designed to create new products and services at an internationally competitive level.

A rethinking of higher education policy has already taken place and CIT is acting on this new policy: quality of study must be improved and research and teaching must be internationalised because globalisation is a relevant topic not only for companies, but also for the education sector. Talent from Germany and around the world will be supported with high-quality, innovative courses and prepared for an international career in applied research and development. At the same time, a foundation centre and a wide-ranging network of companies will be used to develop students’ entrepreneurial spirit and implement scientific findings promptly in marketable products and services.

CIT wants to give every inquisitive, creative, talented, and motivated person, regardless of origin or financial background, the opportunity to take on and overcome the challenges of the present and the future.