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The CIT Model

The Cologne Institute of Technology is a hotbed of innovation and the international technical institution of higher education in Cologne. CIT combines theory and practice at the highest level, thus now introducing to technical courses what is already standard practice in commercial courses of study.

The innovatively structured Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Electrical Engineering courses combine theoretical and applied knowledge at the highest international level. In addition to technical and research-based expertise, students are also provided with commercial knowledge such as soft skills, which are regularly required and applied in practical projects.

At the Cologne Institute of Technology, the firmly established use of e-learning technology allows students to work with a modern, state-of-the-art method of knowledge transfer which turns the process of learning into an experience - every day, whenever you want.

The demanding courses, conducted entirely in English, are aimed at domestic and international students who wish to work in a multicultural environment towards a scientific or commercial career at the highest international level.

CIT Triangle


The CIT Triangle illustrates the interrelationship between the three departments of education, enterprise, and research at the Cologne Institute of Technology. The concept behind this unique format ensures that the synergies generated by the university are used to create new opportunities and benefits. The seamless exchange of knowledge and personnel between these departments allows scientific findings to be transformed into new products and services as quickly as possible.

CIT Enterprise

CIT Enterprise is responsible for the corporate network and provides input for the other two departments. Not only are the specific issues and potential projects of partner companies given access to education and research, guest lecturers also share their practical experience with the students. This department also manages a start-up center in which professors and students with tangible product ideas can receive advice. Those wishing to create a business are provided with advice and support with regard to compiling business plans and getting their start-up off the ground. CIT Enterprise works closely with venture capital companies and Cologne’s three business incubators.

CIT Research

CIT Research deals with current technical issues of relevance to the economy and society, and all inventions are protected by patents. It works together with CIT Enterprise to produce and test prototypes and supervises doctoral research projects. Research focuses on new products and process which can be introduced to the markets as innovations in a feasible amount of time. Such research also provides substance and policies for CIT Education and impetus for start-ups in CIT Enterprise.

CIT Education

CIT Education revolves around the courses of study offered by the Cologne Institute of Technology. This department devises the course structures, supports the students and profits from its relationship with CIT Research and CIT Enterprise. CIT Education works intensively with local companies to implement practice-oriented internship projects. In addition to dealing with interesting issues and gaining practical experience, students also have the opportunity to form their own impression of research and development in science and the economy.